Squarespace website has been a revelation. It's really easy to work with, the templates are quite cool and I had quite a bit of control in terms of layout, colour options and most importantly for me web fonts. I've never used Wordpress so I can't compare one over the other but I have looked at it a few times and for one reason are another never wanted to put the time into using it.
I like how intuitive Squarespace is and in comparison to shopify, it was much easier to navigate and also to customise CSS. What I also really liked was the ease at which you can integrate your linked social media accounts, it comes with a dinky contact form and its interface in general looks darn nice! This is my second attempt at a new interiors site, the first was a once-off purchased template which was fine but there was an awful lot of additional coding and I found it cumbersome to work with and any design changes were difficult. So a big thumbs up so far to Squarespace, hopefully I'll still be in love (with it) in a couple of months time!!