I.love. Australian Design (/1.)

If you haven't yet come across design by the guys down under and love seemingly casual but beautiful design, then Australian interiors is really worth checking out. These guys really know how to create easy-going, relaxed but so well considered homes. I get really inspired by trawling Instagram and Pinterest or flicking through my collection books. It's like a visual feast of goodness to get you fired up with new ideas and plans, just like Rocky on fight night.

My hands down, no question, 100% all time favourite is Sibella Court — for her rough-luxe approach to interiors, beautiful styling, rich photography (her own and her brothers Chris) — images that make you want to dive into her books and sit on one of those chairs — clearly it's a serious girl crush.

Buy every single one of her books and you wont be disappointed. If you are a graphic designer you'll really love them too for their design, typesetting, colours, choice of paper, print effects, the whole friggin' lot - "Nomad", "Gypsy", "Etcetera", "Bowerbird" and a great one if you're looking to hangout beyond the main drag in NY — "The Stylist Guide to NYC". They are my dog-eared design bibles! She has also recently put her pad up on AirB&B. Check this out for the ultimate in coolness!

A great daily fix is the Design Files, a brilliant blog that focuses on Australian creatives from across the board — there is always something to read up on, with great pics and some nice recipes in there too so well worth subscribing to.

Two more that I really like are stylists, Stephanie Somebody, could you possibly see much nicer work? — and travelling adventurer Kara Rosenlund. Check out some of her blog and her prints. Think this one would fit nicely in my animal-loving pad!

Get a sniff of Four&Sons, (R&B asked to put this one in) a site dedicated to dog-lovers passionate about creativity, covering art, architecture, fashion, travel and lifestyle. Also producing a mag that arrives in the coolest brown envelope stamped with a massive woof, now that can't but put a smile on your face.


I recently ordered Spaces Volume 2, another swoon worthy, design envy tome from the guys at Frankie Mag that lets you surf through the homes of Australian creative folk. Frankie Mag is a bit like Kinfolk or Four&Sons— arty stuff but minus the dogs.

When I look through some of the sites above and books I've mentioned I feel that strong pull of why I love design so much and what makes the interiors I do such a big part of me as a person. Hard to describe and may sound a bit crazy but I can assure you it's the truth. (//2.)

On a final note but still in Oz, the posts from beauty blogger, author, editor and all time funny gal Zoe Foster are very witty and worth a gander to make you smile.

/1. true fact.
//2. it is you know, absolutely no kidding.