Blackrock Market

I havent been to Blackrock Market in ages but yesterday decided to go on a little jolly with Mr H. to see what treasures I might find. It seems to have a good few more stalls than the last time I was there which is great for a right old mooch. There is a super stall for dog lovers called The Hound Club Emporium, — fab leads and collar in bright shades that R&B will be sporting soon for their Spring attire.

Then I came across this great shop 'Art Earth' selling the most amazing baskets at really reasonable prices... use them as display, to carry groceries, as a basket for logs, a clothes basket... endless possibilities!

Another cool store Bella selling pre-owned designer clothes is worth popping into among the quirky stalls and nick-nacks that you never know what you're going to find.

Bargain of the day was my woven basket but followed closely by an old rope ladder from a ship. These one-off pieces are — well just that — intriguing objects and one-of a kind wares that personalise your space with character and detail.

We finished off the day with a coffee in the BEAR Market. I love this spot... they do a great coffee and the overall design and graphics really inspires me everytime I go there. A perfect lazy Sunday afteroon.