The Magic Carpet

Things are moving... at last!

In the next few weeks, the plan is to start the groundworks, lay new foundations, do a first fix on the electrics and plumbing and build the new extension.

We don’t mention the infamous windows.

The kitchen and extension area will have a polished concrete floor, I have found the coolest handmade Moroccan zellige glazed tiles for the hallway, via Danish company Marokk and in the sitting room, antique solid wood boards that are as old as the building itself (about 14 ft long and 12 inches wide) will line the floor.

The wooden stairs is being replaced with a metal spiral. There are a few companies who will fabricate an infilled metal balustrade from one sheet of metal and we are considering Corten Steel for the rich red colour or otherwise leaving it in raw metal.

Inspiration for the stairs.  

Inspiration for the stairs.  

Early days and lifting the carpet to see if there was any treasure left underneath!

Early days and lifting the carpet to see if there was any treasure left underneath!

Upstairs the original floor boards in the two rooms were in pretty good condition, so they should only need a sanding to revive them.

In the bathroom, I want a wet room shower with a Tadelakt finish, which is a waterproof plaster that can be done in any colour.

I'm not really a fan of carpet. I’m often asked whether not having carpet will feel too cold. I suppose if you don't have underfloor heating and walk around in bare feet, then yes it's not as plush underfoot but I think the benefits of being able to swap out your rugs, or give them a good cleaning, far outweigh a fitted carpet.

For me a great rug, (or 20) is a must. It doesn't have to fill the whole floor, layering rugs is quite cool at the moment especially if the tones are similar and I like that they can be moved around easily too.

We were in Morocco over a year ago and I was on a mission to find a hand woven Beni Ouarain rug. We were stopped mid-street by a chap with almost zero English who decided to guide us to the Souk. This journey took about 20 minutes in the opposite direction through alleys and back streets until eventually he brought us to his shop, nowhere near any Souk!

We had to sit drinking sweet mint tea and weren’t allowed leave until we bought a number of herbs for every possible ailment (NOTE: sniffing mustard seeds for sinuses isn't a bad idea, just do not inhale them too hard).

We were just setting off when I stupidly mentioned I was looking for a rug and asked where was the best place to get one in the Souk.

Bad, bad move.

Off we went again, this time nearly a passport trip away, across every damn street and lane, but in fairness to our herbalist friend, he found us exactly what I wanted. Just another two hours later, we left the shop with two beautiful rugs, that needed their own suitcase to come home in. They have been wrapped up since that infamous day and boy can I not wait to take them out again and plonk them swiftly onto those original boards!.