I really love Apothecary Bottles. I think the quirky-shaped glass is really beautiful, often with minor imperfections that makes you want to lift them up to the light.

Being a lover of all things typographic, its the quaint little lables that I can't say no to. I got a beautiful set of 4 emerald green bottles from Geoff at Kirkmodern who sells the most tasteful, perfectly curated, pieces of mid-century furniture. A few clients have bought some gems from Geoff which have become real talking points in their homes but more importantly they love them.

On kirkmodern.com, I've spied a new set of three clear, graduated original vintage jars with glass stoppers and gold labels. Check them out but maybe don't fall in love with them too much — I am already edging that way and of couse, I need them!

Curated pieces

I've collected a number of pieces on my travels that I knew they were cool and I wouldn't be able to find them again — or when I was looking for something specific for clients or for styling a shoot.

Its always good to take stock (not so easy, you know) but I've come to terms with letting some things go!

If you're interested in purchasing any of them, please contact me… Happy Browsing!


Squarespace website has been a revelation. It's really easy to work with, the templates are quite cool and I had quite a bit of control in terms of layout, colour options and most importantly for me web fonts. I've never used Wordpress so I can't compare one over the other but I have looked at it a few times and for one reason are another never wanted to put the time into using it.
I like how intuitive Squarespace is and in comparison to shopify, it was much easier to navigate and also to customise CSS. What I also really liked was the ease at which you can integrate your linked social media accounts, it comes with a dinky contact form and its interface in general looks darn nice! This is my second attempt at a new interiors site, the first was a once-off purchased template which was fine but there was an awful lot of additional coding and I found it cumbersome to work with and any design changes were difficult. So a big thumbs up so far to Squarespace, hopefully I'll still be in love (with it) in a couple of months time!!