People often have lots of questions before commissioning a designer.  Some of the answers below might help you decide…

Every room should have a touch of playfulness to lighten the mood, like a wink or a shared smile.

Why hire a designer?

As a designer I see the bigger picture and pretty much know what’s going to work and what to stay clear of. The main advantage for you is that you avoid costly mistakes. It takes a lot of time and hard work to find the right resources, crafts people, bespoke furniture and vintage pieces. My role is to gently push your boundaries and to introduce you to ideas and alternative options you may never have explored.

How much does it cost to work with you?

The fees depend on the specific needs of each project. I have an initial consultation fee which includes a call-out to a client's home and a follow-up ideas-book to provide the design direction for your project. Subsequent work is billed at an agreed project fee or at an hourly rate. Sometimes I am involved solely at the discovery phase — we all like to try a project ourselves but interiors can be overwhelming. From experience I find that the impact is not the same when a client flies solo!. Ideas are just the beginning and the true magic happens when we work together on your project right through to completion.

Can you make my place look like one I've seen?

Yes, of course! That can be done and probably quite easily, but my role is to deliver a creative solution that is individual to you. From the beginning I discover your likes and dislikes and the style that tells your story. The process strikes a balance between respecting your taste and allowing me the freedom to explore it throughout the process. Check out the selection of projects to get a good feel of what to expect!