A space is really only as good as what you put into it

So how does it work?
After the initial consultation, and once we start, I will get as much information about your project as possible; what you like, what you're not so keen on, how you will use the space — lots of details to help me work on your new look.

I'll go through what you already own and see what's working, what isn't working so well, if some of your pieces may be repurposed and finally we'll discuss your budget and time-frames.

And then…
This is where the ideas tumble and I pull out all the stops to make your space really cool! I work on choosing the right furniture, lighting, tiling, wall treatments, paint colour and soft-furnishings. If I can’t find what I need, I may design a bespoke piece or work with other suppliers to customise one of theirs. 

Sounds like a plan!
We meet up again to review the ideas book I've prepared for you and talk through the final details before the real magic happens. This is when your space really comes to life, pieces are purchased and you start to see things falling into place! The final layering of styling includes art, found-objects, treasures, sculpture, plants, books — the  curated pieces that give your space real soul!