who is carla benedetti?

Carla is a tastemaker and a visionary, who can see behind the ordinary to find the extraordinary. She is a treasure hunter who asks “How can we Reimagine, Reinvent and Repurpose?” 

Carla Benedetti is playful and irreverent, sophisticated and sensitive. 
She is a clever curator, thoughtfully creating spaces that tell the story of the people that inhabit them. She loves creative juxtaposition, mixing old with new, flea market with boutique, glam with edgy. Carla will help you see things differently. Her style is all about the spirit of design over status.

the rules, the style, the mood

The rule book is torn up and what you are left with is something authentic, personal, unpretentious and seriously cool. She mixes dark, inky tones, earthy elements like wood and metal and authentic materials that make a home special. Her style is an eclectic mix of vintage and new, that respects longevity and quality over trends. The style is “perfectly imperfect” 

She finds treasures that other people don’t even see and helps people see what’s possible. Such a great sense of playfullness and humour that within things get reborn.